Wondering why you’re seeing most of the stuff in French? The only innocent reason is that I love this language on the bases of unknown reasons. 😛

Reason I’m here is quite boring…yes, boring that’s what I said. These days, I’ve almost no work at office. All the famous (and even the unfamiliar) social websites are blocked at office. One is not allowed to install any kind of software on one’s computer obviously including games that I love playing, I’m only left with two options:

  1. Play childish flash games online, OR
  2. Surf Internet

I even tried the first option for a week, eventually getting them banned for all. I apologize to everyone as I never realized the time passing by playing those. After that surfing, surfing, surfing all the time….huh got so boring at the end. Then the idea just flashed in my mind as the holy light that I must start my blog like everyone and put my name in the history ;-). So, I’ve created this blog.

What kind of blog is this?

Just another one! You expected me to share Newton’s life experiences here?

It’s kind of my personal diary where I’ll share my day experiences, if I get enough time to post them. I’ll be posting interesting incident, may be interesting links and recommendations. And who knows, I’ll be posting great code I might write while being drunk, so other poor creatures can copy that and get a bonus from their organizations.

So that’s all for today. It’s dinner time!! Who fool would like to miss that for his first blog post 😛

See you guys with interesting stuff quite soon.