Why Apple discontinued iPhone 5

Seeing how this topic has gotten a reaction from the public, I would like to explain by giving reason as to why Apple chose to discontinue its 2012 flagship phone.
The perception, for a long time, even before we had a name for the iPhone 5c was that it would be a budget phone and therefore of lower quality than the iPhone 5s. The rumors kept building up and people started thinking that a budget iPhone was definitely going to happen. As rumors progressed further, we started seeing signs of the budget iPhone with the images of the plastic shell around the body being released. Of course, some would have been fake but still the perception was being made since a very long time.
In the past few days, leaked pictures showed the packaging, colour variants and more concrete information regarding the device and people were thinking that it would cost quite low. However, when the prices were released, a lot of people were shocked and are using the social media to vent their anger.
Well, one of the main reasons that Apple discontinued the iPhone 5 is that the “budget iPhone” as it was labelled will cost a whopping $549 (PKR 56,000) and $649 (PKR 66,000) for the 16gb and 32gb model respectively. This wedges the price right below that of the iPhone 5S and offers the same specifications as the iPhone 5. This would have caused problems when people would have decided to choose between the iPhone 5 and 5c since the release of the 5s would have meant that Apple would have to lower the price of the iPhone 5.
Now, why would anyone buy a phone which was labelled a cheap phone made with plastic over a phone of premium quality with the same specifications and price like the iPhone 5? This might have been the main reason for the discontinuing decision as it would have affected the sales of the iPhone 5c which Apple would never want since it is their latest phone.
The iPhone 4s is still hanging in there because Apple could have reduced its price even further leading to an increase in sales. A very calculated decision taken by the company which the consumers wouldn’t have minded.
But, would you really buy the iPhone 5c over the iPhone 5 or you’ll go for iPhone 5s? Let me know in the comments.

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