“Tech Muffins & Musings Smoothie” is NOW Androidie

Hello everyone,
I hope you all are doing well!

So there’s this news…I’ve renamed my blog “Tech Muffins & Musings Smoothie” to “Androidie“.


The reason is the former name didn’t sound technical. It sounded much like a chef’s blog who might write some technical stuff about the dishes he makes.
Now, Androidie is fun smart name which is

  • Short, so easy to remember
  • Depicts the blog is about Android
  • Smells like Technology

Also, I’ve updated the theme to a cool underwater light blue color. It’s a fun theme (you can see fishes all over and plants at the footer) yet it’s not to immature. Also, the font is a bit bigger and cleaner so you can read it easily on your desktops and tablets…and even smartphones (do let me know if you need an even simpler theme for smartphones).

Will I be totallay focussing Android?

No, but my main focus will be Android. Since I’ve got a bit time now and found some interesting things to share, my next few posts will be on Android. I’ll also be writing about Ruby on Rails, as well as sharing some technology news and my point of view about latest tech releases and gadgets.

So this is all. Just wanted to let all my followers know that the blog still exists but under a new name so they don’t get confused when they open it next time 🙂

Stay blessed!


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