We still won the hearts though we lost the semi-final!

Team Pakistan

Pakistan Cricket Team - Word Cup 2011

“I’m Sorry To My Nation”

(Shahid Afridi after losing to India in Cricket World Cup 2011)


Why Sorry?

You Gave Us A Hope By Reaching In The Semis
Bringing That Beauty Back To Our Nations…!!


Why Sorry?

You Built The distorted Team…You Made The Nation United Once Again!


Why Sorry?

A 6th Ranked Team Goes To The 3rd Spot And Competing With The Top Class Teams At Their Home Ground
And Under Such Pressure!


Why Sorry?

You Raised Pakistani Flags In Mohali…!


Why Sorry?

Because of You Pakistani National Anthem Was Sang In The Indian Soil


So Don’t be Sorry!!!

We Are Proud Of You!

We Are Proud To Be Pakistanis!!!


Long Live Pakistan

Pakistan Zindabad